Game Developer

Full Time
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We're looking for someone who…

-has at least 1+ years experience as a game developer
-has previous experience working with mobile games, as well as a proven track-record.
-has previously shipped at least one product.
-has a solid understanding of the Unity 3D game engine.
-can code in C# with the best of them.
-has a solid understanding of game development related design patterns.
-is very comfortable with modern version control systems (git)
-is competent with general game development concepts, including graphics development, game logic, communication with backend services, user interface development, and artificial intelligence.
-has strong communication skills, regardless of the team member’s technical proficiency
-designs, architects, and implements high quality, structured, and robust code.
-can independently create quality solutions to problems.
-can quickly, and efficiently, pick up and start working with pre-existing codebases.

Concept Artist

Full Time
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5+ years game industry experience in concept art and illustration
An ability to design compelling and quirky characters, including their surroundings, focusing on stylized and cartoony designs
An ability to create functional character and environment designs for games
Great digital 2D concepting and painting skills, ability to render light and materials correctly
Great understanding of color, human anatomy and body mechanics
An up-to-date online portfolio that portrays your work and progress
3D skills: sculpting, modeling, texturing, rigging or shading in Zbrush and Maya or in some other 3D package
Graphic design knowledge: Layout, typography

Game Artist

Full Time
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Capable of independently creating concept sketches and final renderings/ tweaks and animation
Proven experience with 3D software e.g. Maya / 3DS Max
Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Flash
Demonstrate pride and responsibility in your work when given the freedom to work independently
Demonstrate modesty and respect when receiving feedback from your team
Appreciation of User Interface design
Previous experience in game development and game art


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